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Par Stephen Schaefer (Boston Herald, 10 novembre 2005).
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'Pride & Prejudice' role could make Matthew MacFadyen a star
The role of the brooding Darcy in the 1995 TV version of "Pride & Prejudice" helped make Colin Firth a star. Will the big-screen remake opening tomorrow do the same for Matthew Macfadyen?
The studio is banking on the chemistry between the film's leads to bring in young fllmgoers who have probably never picked up Jane Austen's oft-filmed romance. In one corner, there's Keira Knightley ("Pirates of the Caribbean") as brainy Elizabeth Bennet, who, along with her four sisters, must be married off; in the other, Macfadyen, 30, as Darcy, the aristocratic millionaire Elizabeth thinks she despises until she learns to listen to her heart.
Although MacFadyen swears he's never seen any version of "Pride & Prejudice," he knew about Darcy.
"He's the guy who's sort of the quintessential strong, silent person you don't like, the arrogant one who turns out to be good," he said.
As for creating combustible chemistry with Knightley, MacFadyen is modest to a fault.
"I've got this theory: I think chemistry is nonsense, really," he said. "If you're acting the scene well, then there's chemistry. But if you're not, then there isn't. Maybe I'm wrong."
Macfadyen is best known here for the British police series "MI-5." It was not only a key to launching an international career, it changed his life; he marrried his co-star Keeley Hawes. They have an 11-month-old daughter.
"Yeah, we met at work," he said. And no, it was hardly love at first sight. "It was a slow burn," he said, then laughed.
MacFadyen's domestic situation can't be compared to the lovely scenario presented by "Pride & Prejudice," in which Darcy's millions dissolve all Elizabeth's financial worries.
Hawes has "been subsidizing me for the last year," he said. "She had the baby as well. She's done three jobs since I've made this film.
After seeing him as Darcy, audiences will consider Macfadyen a romantic. Is he truly?
"My vanity is that I'm quite romantic, that I'm very romantic," he said, then laughed. "But my wife doesn't think so. She says, 'You're not romantic at all. I could do better.' "
SPARKS FLY: The studio behind the new cinematic version of Pride & Prejudice is counting on the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen.
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