Matthew Macfadyen imitateur "super génial" ?

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Matthew Macfadyen imitateur "super génial" ? Empty Matthew Macfadyen imitateur "super génial" ?

Message  Matthieu le Jeu 21 Jan 2010 - 19:57

MacFadyen makes a big impression (The Stage, 30 août 2001). Very Happy
Actor Matthew MacFadyen tells me that when he and Michael Gambon met to rehearse the spellbinding Stephen Poliakoff drama Perfect Strangers, the screenwriter tried to stir up trouble between the two.

"Stephen reminded us that we were both up for the Royal Television Society Best Actor award but that Michael got it, " MacFfadyen told me at the BBC1 season launch, impersonating Poliakoff suberbly.

"Gambon then said to me: 'Did I win that one? Oh well, you can have it. I'll bring it in tomorrow,'" the young MacFadyen wen on, again with a brilliant impersonation, this time of Gambon.

Unfortunately, MacFadyen did not get the promised award from his co-star. But a career as an impressionist may well beckon for a very capable actor who has, at the moment, no jobs on the horizon.
NB : MM et MG avaient été en compétition pour le prix décerné le 21 mars 2000.
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