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Basé sur le livre The Churchill's secret KBO Empty Basé sur le livre The Churchill's secret KBO

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Churchill's secret KBO est un livre de Jonathan Smith paru en 2015.
Une critique très positive :

Manchester Military History Society (MMHS) rated it really liked it  
Excellent fictional imagining of the crisis faced by the UK in 1953 when the two most powerful men in the UK were incapacitated

Jonathan Smith has utilised the diaries of Churchill’s doctor and private secretary to produce a compelling fly on the wall fictional account of the political and personal machinations created by the simultaneous illness of Churchill and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden in the summer of 1953. Churchill’s illness was kept secret and didn’ t reach the public domain until his doctor published his memoirs fifteen months after Churchill’s death.

The book describes the conflict between Churchill’s doctor and private secretary over how the news is handled and their prickly personal relationship. Smith’s words also seem to give us a great personal insight into Churchill’s personality away from the glare of the public, particularly in his personal dealing with his wife and staff, but more intimately with the nurse who is provided to look after him. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not suggesting an affair between Churchill and his nurse , but it’s his closeness to this fictional character and his sharing of his previous exploits and experiences with her that for me is the highlight of the book.

All in all a quick, (only 224 pages), easy to read, fascinating and well constructed account of what might have gone on in the summer of 1953.

In case you were wondering KBO stands for “Keep buggering on” a famous Churchillian turn of phrase and the book is being adapted into a major TV drama.

"Secret stroke that almost killed Churchill: A new TV drama tells how an event that could have changed history was covered up " (MailOnLine, 1° janvier 2016)
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