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Message  Matthieu le Mer 11 Fév 2009 - 9:55

Par Brian Viner (The Independent, 21 novembre 1999). Extraits :
The first part of Warriors (BBC1) was sensational - intelligently written (by Leigh Jackson), powerfully directed (by Peter Kosminsky), and exceptionally well-acted, especially by Matthew Macfadyen, a revelation as a Liverpool soldier sent with his battalion to join the UN peacekeeping force in Bosnia in 1992.

I don't mind admitting that I settled down in front of Warriors with mild dread. It was billed as hard-hitting drama, and I was in no mood for a clobbering. But it was sensitively done and, to Jackson and Kosminsky's credit, never got bogged down in didacticism. A less confident team would have felt the need to have soldier A explain to soldier B who in Bosnia hated whom and why. Similarly, when tank- driver Private Skeet (Darren Morfitt) was shot, it was all over in a humdrum instant. Which is apparently how it happens; not that you'd know from watching the telly, where soldiers tend to die in slow-mo, usually with a pair of cellists installed behind a nearby pile of rubble.

Warriors concludes this evening and has been deemed unmissable in our house.
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