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Message  Matthieu le Sam 30 Mai 2009 - 6:16

Les sources d'information :

Interview 'Deep Cover' dans TimeOut London du 28 août 2002.
In the months before Spooks goes into production, Macfadyen's planning to spend time with two of old RADA mates, including a week on a caravan park. The trio will spend the time writing a pilot for Talkback based on some characters they used to mess around with for their own amusement as students. 'They're all quintessentially English and live in a caravan site in Northamptonshire,' he describes. It's their first attempt at writing; they just ad lib, and when it sounds good they write it down. 'I read it sometimes and think it's rubbish, and other times I think: Oh we're so clever.' His mouth opens wide and he laughs another self-deprecating laugh.
Interview 'Return of the Mac' dans le Daily Express Saturday Magazine du 28 octobre 2002.
These days, MacFadyen's pals tend to be former RADA classmates, including his two best friends with whom he's started writing. The trio has just been commissioned by Talk Back to come up with a 90-minute comedy drama. They spent a month in the summer putting their heads together.
"I can't believe someone's actually commissioned us," he says. "We sat in this office above Talk Back going, 'Gosh, we're actually writers now. We'd better come up with something!' "
But while he enjoyed his stint on the other side of the camera, MacFadyen stresses he has no desire to do it full time and is only too happy to be back filming.
Interview 'Spooky Nookie' dans Marie Claire de novembre 2002.
I'm writing a pilot for a comedy drama with my best mate, Bohdan Poraj, about a caravan site, and that was all dreamed up sitting around having a couple of pints in a pub.
Dossier de presse de la BBC sur The Project (automne 2002).
Currently he is filming the second series of Spooks and is writing a sitcom with two of his friends.
Selon toute vraisemblance, le projet dort maintenant au fond d'un tiroir... Neutral
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