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Message  Luce le Jeu 15 Nov 2018 - 0:48

Dans l'ensemble, les critiques du film ne sont pas bonnes.Voir Rotten Tomatoes

Néanmoins les acteurs ne sont pas en cause, en particulier Matthew Macfadyen ...

Den of Geek a bien aimé :
Clara's mother, Marie, has died, leaving behind three children and a bereft husband (Matthew MacFadyen, playing the kind of bumbling, emotionally stunted character he does so well).

Website of Everything – Original
At its best, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms grounds it fantastical elements in a moving portrait of grief. In bookending real-world scenes, Matthew Macfadyen turns in the film’s best performance as Clara’s mournful father, a man desperate to hide his sadness behind a veneer of normalcy, something Clara mistakes for simply being unfeeling.

The Hollywood Reporter
It's Christmas Eve, and the children's sorrowful, distant father (Matthew Macfadyen) summons them downstairs to present them with gifts left for them by their recently deceased mother Marie (Anna Madeley). Clara receives an ornate egg-shaped music box with a cryptic note from her mother that reads, "Everything you need is inside." But the box is locked, with no key.
Much of this early setup has a pleasingly old-fashioned feel, with the always excellent Macfadyen suggesting tender emotional depths to be explored.
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